In control girl does all the facesitting

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It shouldn’t be this easy to find xxx fetish sex, but yet it is. That is largely thanks to TubeSafari for having such a good collection of facesitting videos because that has fast become my favorite fetish sex.

I think it is just so refreshing to see a woman taking control and making all the demands. I’d gladly let a honey as cute as she is sit on my face. Heck, she could have her way with me, do whatever the hell she wants and I’d always be going back for seconds. Making the moment count comes with having the balls to do what the moment wants you to even if at the time it doesn’t seem right.

What you have to do right now is open your mind to the situation and use it to your advantage. You want her to know how keen you are for it but you also don’t want to give in too easily. Time will be the telling on if you can push yourself to the extreme and once you do you’re going to be a new man who doesn’t let a thing get past him and trust me that is going to be the best feeling ever!